Market Insights

Case Study: Turn lost opportunities into immediate new sales via in store advocacy

by Jimmy Ho ¬ 08/06/2018

In-store sales talk can be a highly influential addition to product display, especially in general trade and on-trade channels. Mystery Shopping enables us to quickly and cost effectively understand brand recommendation and advocacy at the moment of truth – as this recent nationwide Tobacco mystery shopping program in Taiwan shows.


With SmartRocket real-time reporting, easily gain a full picture of what the market is like, identify problems for further action and convert lost sales to potential opportunity.

SmartRocket provides 100% in-store imagery & audio recording. This means we do not deliver the results merely based on recollection, but with clear at-the-moment details to help you tackle and solve the true issues. Click here for an example from our internal project done in Taiwan.

We maintain a large, geographically distributed, diverse base of experienced mystery shopper agents. Rigorous training, quality control & individual auditor management ensures accurate and reliable business information.

SmartRocket Mystery Shopper – check in-store sales talk in your target channel, providing real-time data to take immediate action to improve sales.

Using the latest retail audit technologies, it’s possible to quickly and easily access to location specific in store imagery and audio recording in real time.

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