Grow your brand through Physical Availability and Presence

by Wade Garland ¬ 10/15/2019

A lot has been written on the drivers of Brand Growth and the importance of investing in both Mental Availability AND Physical Availability*. But while Mental elements are often well covered in traditional Brand Research programs, getting good, usable metrics for development of Physical Availability strategy can be more challenging.

Physical Availability is driven by a range of factors including Presence. Simply put, this refers to being present for category buyers in a broad range of buying situations.

BUT, are your products present EVERYWHERE they need to be?
(Including General Trade & Emerging Channels?)

*How Brands Grow 2010 by Byron Sharp/ Oxford University Press
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Knowing ALL locations where the category (& your main competitors) are present, but where you are NOT CURRENTLY LISTED is a good starting point for ensuring optimal Presence in Physical Availability strategy. This information might be available for Key Accounts but is often less so for General Trade and Emerging Channels.

Know where competitors are available but you are NOT present

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Understanding the attractiveness of potential new locations is the next step. The specific metrics will vary by category and channel but usually includes a range of measures to better understand the size, focus and potential of individual store locations.

Understand the attractiveness of potential locations

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A structured approach to the systematic collection and delivery of store level information, in a reliable, consolidated format is key to translating what can be a very large volume of data into usable channel, region, and store specific action planning.

Develop location specific actions to drive Presence with up to date, store level data

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