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Retail Case: Tailoring Retail Strategy to specific Channels & Locations

by Jimmy Ho ¬ 05/08/2018

Different channels, different sales environments, different opportunities and threats. No surprises there but exactly how different are they and what should you be doing about it? Location specific, in store data can help you answer these questions quickly and effectively. Here are a few results from a recent nationwide audit on bottled water products in […] [...] read more...
Market Insights

Retail Case : Need to quickly understand the competitive landscape ?

by Jimmy Ho ¬ 02/27/2018

Real time retail intelligence can give you a fast and reliable reading on the actual market situation. In just a few hours, get data and imagery on availability, stocking, pricing and promotional materials, as the following shampoo product study demonstrates. (Nationwide Shampoo Audit in Hong Kong, covering Key Account channels for 200 stores: Chain Supermarkets […] [...] read more...
Market Insights

Retail Case: Is brand performance always consistent across channels?

by Jimmy Ho ¬ 12/13/2017

“Last Christmas, I gave you my heart. But the very next day you gave it away… ” Christmas is around the corner. Different retailers have already displayed tons of chocolate products to capture this festive sales. Here are some surprising results from a recent nationwide chocolate audit in Hong Kong. (Nationwide Chocolate Audit in Hong […] [...] read more...
Market Insights

The Importance of First Recommendation from Retail Staff

by Jimmy Ho ¬ 11/13/2017

Getting products displayed on shelves is critical, but the recommendation made by store personnel can also be highly influential – they appear to be the most reliable and knowledgeable person in the store. We will ask the store personnel for recommendation when we have little or even no understanding of the products. Knowing how they […] [...] read more...