Market Insights

The Importance of First Recommendation from Retail Staff

by Jimmy Ho ¬ 11/13/2017

Getting products displayed on shelves is critical, but the recommendation made by store personnel can also be highly influential – they appear to be the most reliable and knowledgeable person in the store. We will ask the store personnel for recommendation when we have little or even no understanding of the products. Knowing how they […] [...] read more...
Market Insights

Retail Case: Understanding the Impact of Parallel Imports

by Jimmy Ho ¬ 10/10/2017

Understanding brand presence and overall share in the market is a key consideration when formulating marketing strategy, but your office local sales figures may only be telling part of the story. If your products are being manufactured in multiple locations, as many are, then consumers in your market may be seeing and buying variants of […] [...] read more...
Market Insights

Retail Case: Why Share of Visual Inventory (SOVI) really matters for Sparkling Soft Drinks in Taiwan

by Jimmy Ho ¬ 08/08/2017

Getting products listed in target channels is critical, but Share Of Visual Inventory (SOVI) is just as important – ensuring products are physically on shelf and working to grow share of shelf facings will drive increased sales performance. Getting a fast, reliable read on SOVI across key channels and locations can however be challenging, but […] [...] read more...
Market Insights

Retail Case: Why OOS really matters to you? Here it is.

by Jimmy Ho ¬ 06/09/2017

Driving distribution of a new product launch or extending the distribution of well-established products are important to grow a business. But, without good distribution and stock control, out of stock (OOS) issues can cost you more than you think – here are some surprising results from a recent nationwide IMF audit in Taiwan. (Nationwide Infant […] [...] read more...
Market Insights

Retail Case: Leveraging Distribution Opportunities in General Trade. A Market Opportunity Analysis

by Jimmy Ho ¬ 05/08/2017

Despite a more diverse, fragmented sales environment, General Trade outlets have something in common with the Modern Trade: Sales Opportunity! Here are a few ways to identity and leverage opportunities in GT channels, using the Sanitary Napkin category as a case study. (Nationwide Sanitary Napkin Audit in Hong Kong for 6 major sanitary napkin brands, […] [...] read more...
Market Insights

Retail Case: Leveraging Pricing Opportunities Across Channels

by Jimmy Ho ¬ 04/11/2017

Pricing of whisky across channels is more diversified than you might think. Do you really know? Setting a right price is key to getting your product moving fast. Here are some surprising results from a recent nationwide scotch whisky audit in Hong Kong. (Nationwide Scotch Whisky Audit in Hong Kong for all brands, 50 stores: […] [...] read more...