Market Insights

Retail Case: Leveraging Distribution Opportunities Across Channels

by Jimmy Ho ¬ 03/14/2017

Brand performance is varied across channels. The differences in sales environment could have great impact on any business decision, including support on merchandising or pricing. The more we understand, the more likely we are to make the right decisions. Here are some surprising results from a recent nationwide floor cleaner audit in Hong Kong. (Nationwide […] [...] read more...
Market Insights

Retail Case: How are your Halloween promotions really doing?

by Grant Beuzeval ¬ 10/28/2016

Using the latest retail audit technologies, it’s possible to get a complete picture of your in store promotion from any location within hours – here are a few interesting results from a recent nationwide audit in Hong Kong. (Nationwide Halloween Snacks In Store Promotion Audit in Hong Kong, covering 272 chain supermarkets (Wellcome, ParknShop) + […] [...] read more...