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Retail Case: Are your promoters REALLY improving Customer Experience?

by Jimmy Ho ¬ 06/11/2018

A promoter/ brand ambassador can be a key component in your overall brand offer in store. A good promoter can not only improve customer experience with your brand, but can turn that experience into actual sales on the spot. But how well are your promoters really performing? Experiencing this through the lens of the customer can be highly informative and help identify areas that improve overall conversion to sales. Under the cover of mystery shopping, gain real insight into what happens at the moment of truth.

(Mystery Shopping in Hong Kong for major liquor brands across 2 channels (Supermarket and Wine Specialty Stores)

  • Are your promoters promptly ‘welcoming’ customers to your brand? Keeping customers waiting around to talk to someone is never a good idea – if they don’t lose interest, they might even form more negative impressions of the brand. Knowing what the issues are and where can help target actions to improve the experience.


  • Are communications on message? Is your brand message being delivered clearly and in a compelling fashion? With the use of 100% voice recording, it’s possible to not only quantify the performance on promoter communications but understand the softer side as well – are promoters truly engaging with customers and delivering your message in the right way? Use these recordings to better understand the situation and guide performance improvement across the entire team.Q2


  • Are your promoters ‘Brand Ambassadors’? Every customer coming into contact with your promoters walks away with some impression of your brand – both from what they have heard AND what they have seen. With in-store imagery of promoters in action, it’s possible to get a sense of how your promotional staff are representing your band and what type of impression they are leaving with your customers.

Using the latest retail audit technologies, it’s possible to quickly and easily access to location specific in store imagery and audio recording in real time.

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