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Retail Case: Tailoring Retail Strategy to specific Channels & Locations

by Jimmy Ho ¬ 05/08/2018

Different channels, different sales environments, different opportunities and threats. No surprises there but exactly how different are they and what should you be doing about it?

Location specific, in store data can help you answer these questions quickly and effectively. Here are a few results from a recent nationwide audit on bottled water products in Singapore to show you how.

(Nationwide Bottled Water Audit in Singapore for 5 major bottled water brands across 3 channels (Hyper/Super, CVS and GT Grocery);

  • Get clear on category distribution at channel & location level – At aggregate level, distribution for the category is solid at 96% of all locations. Looking more closely however, opportunities might exist in GT Grocery. But where? Location specific data shows exactly which outlets can be targeted for category expansion.Q1a
  • Understand how brand availability & performance varies by channel – some brands perform strongly across all channels. Others may have room to improve in one or more areas. Are you making the most of opportunities for improving channel penetration? Are you clear on which specific locations should be targeted and how?Q2a
  • Are you getting fair share of shelf? Beyond outright penetration, understanding share of shelf can go a long way to explaining sales results – and informing on how they can be improved. Going one step further, it’s possible to identify specific locations where share is in an underperformance state start to understand why and how to address.Q3a

Using the latest retail audit technologies, it’s possible to quickly and easily compare SKU level performance metrics and access backup imagery for any location – all in real time. In a single glance, for any SKU, check;

  • Stock levels/ OOS status
  • Current and/ or promotional pricing
  • Floor stacking, secondary display
  • …and any other metric of interest

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