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Retail Case: Will you be celebrating your floor stacking this festive season?

by Jimmy Ho ¬ 11/15/2016

Floor stacking can be a key contributor to retail presence and a big driver of sales, particularly during festive and promotional periods. But is your floor stacking something to celebrate?

Here are a few interesting results from a recent audit of key promotional locations in Hong Kong.

(Nationwide floor stacking compliance program during a key festive promotion in biscuits category in Hong Kong, covering 70 chain supermarkets and personal care stores. 2 promo SKUs audited)

  • Are Stacking Targets set & met?– across all locations, just 25% achieved the brand owner’s target stock levels for stacking display in either SKU.
  • Stack compliance varies significantly by individual store – in the worst performing stores, the product was entirely out of stock. In the best store, the stack contained 330% of the target product quantity.
  • Good stores are great stores – in fact, among stores which achieved or exceeded stacking stock level targets, the average performance was 172% of the target product quantity.
  • There is significant variation between SKUs of the same brand – of all locations meeting the target stock levels, one SKU accounted for 75%.
  • Stacking performance varies significantly by retail chain – across all chains covered, the best performing recorded an average 134% of target stock levels. The WORST performing chain recorded an average of just 27% of target.

Using the latest retail audit technologies, it’s possible to get a complete picture of your stacking situation from any specific location within hours – check SKU level stock counts, get images of your display, replenishment and overall compliance by individual location.

Then, through targeted dialogue and action with retailers, drive a broad based improvement in your stacking performance over time – and with it, sales.

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