Market Insights

Retail Case: Leverage Sales Opportunities Using In-Store Data at Location Level

by Jimmy Ho ¬ 05/21/2018

A market overview may be good for strategic planning, but when it comes to improving actual sales performance at store level, it may not provide the necessary detail. The differences in sales environments across channels add to the complexity of turning strategic level information into real sales outcomes. Location specific, in store data can however […] [...] read more...
Market Insights

Retail Case: Tailoring Retail Strategy to specific Channels & Locations

by Jimmy Ho ¬ 05/08/2018

Different channels, different sales environments, different opportunities and threats. No surprises there but exactly how different are they and what should you be doing about it? Location specific, in store data can help you answer these questions quickly and effectively. Here are a few results from a recent nationwide audit on bottled water products in […] [...] read more...